VSL - Victorian School of Languages


The Victorian School of Languages is at the forefront of language teaching. Due to its single faculty language focus, the VSL has a high concentration of expertise and is well placed to offer quality, innovative language programs. A common curriculum rationale, methodological approach and organisational focus is defined in the VSL Course Outlines which are available for every language and year level and which form the basis of the development of individual syllabi and teaching materials.

The VSL curriculum provides for its students a balanced set of learning experiences which are active, cooperative and participatory and which give students maximum opportunity to realise their potential. Curriculum development is based on the communicative approach to language teaching, aimed at the intellectual, social, emotional and creative development of all students and is inclusive of gender, ability and background. Learning tasks and assessment practises are structured in such a way that student progress is measurable and so that participating students are enabled and encouraged to perform well. All courses are reviewed to ensure compatibility with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and VCE.











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