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Bosnian Traditional Room
21 August, 2018
The exhibition “Bosnian Traditional Room’’ took place on Saturday, 11th August 2018, at the Carwatha VSL Centre in Noble Park. This wonderful exhibition was organised by Bekto Heco, a collector of Bosnian traditional items. Accompanying the exhibition were the melancholy sounds of the traditional Bosnian music, Sevdalinka, performed by Jasmin Dolic. The Bosnian language students from year 1 to 12, and French, Sinhala and Arabic languages VCE students, had the opportunity to visit the exhibition and learn about Bosnian culture in the ambiance of a traditional Bosnian room. English translation was provided for non-Bosnian language students by Amela Ademi, the Bosnian teacher.
The exhibition presented the idea of the ‘Bosnian and Herzegovinian traditional room’ featuring: handmade metal items, which are still used at some homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how those items were used; traditional rugs, with bold geometric patterns and vivid colours, which were used to dress up the room where people sat and enjoyed food and drink; and the traditional costume, made out of wool, flax, hemp and leather, still worn by men in some parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bekto himself wore a costume and talked about each part of the costume, as well as all the items presented at the exhibition, explaining their purpose. It was amazing to see the students going around looking and touching the items and asking questions (using a range of Bosnian vocabulary and demonstrating their proficiency in it) –all enthusiastically answered by Bekto.
For the students from other language faculties it was a great cross-cultural lesson in which the students had not only the opportunity to learn more about the Bosnian culture and tradition but also to compare and contrast their own cultures and learn from it. The exhibition was a successful one and ended with the traditional Bosnian music, played by Jasmin Dolic, with students dancing.
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SBS Sinhala at Bendigo VSL
09 August, 2018
Recently the SBS Sinhala radio program interviewed teachers and students from the Bendigo VSL center. They discussed what the community needs in Bendigo are and the importance of passing Sinhala cultural values and language to the next generation by studying Sinhala at the Victorian Schools of Languages. Devly Siriwardana, a Grade prep student sang a Sri Lankan folk song and a group song was performed by the whole class. Sanjalee Senasha - a Grade 6 student talked about how she feels attending Sinhala class at the VSL and how it has improved her existing knowledge of Sri Lankan culture and Sinhala language. Ayesha Siriwardana – the Sinhala language teacher expressed her gratitude to the VSL for the support in operating the classes from the Bendigo centre. There was also a discussion about how children in the class have multiple abilities and interests , how lessons are prepared to suit these varied abilities, how children have embraced the Sinhala language class including all the cultural items such as celebrations from Sri Lanka, traditional games, cooking and dancing. Ayesha encourages the parents and the community from Bendigo VSL to keep encouraging the children to learn the Sinhala language and all the cultural aspects as it helps children find their identity in society through pride in their background.
Shepparton Tertiary Education Seminars
09 August, 2018
On Saturday 28 July, Ms Kristina Marko Advisor, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator from La Trobe University came to the VSL Shepparton campus. She gave a presentation to the current VCE students on university life, the benefits of tertiary education and linking language learning to their degree of choice. The presentation was well received by the students. They were keen to find out more as many stayed back and asked many questions. This was especially beneficial to the students who will be the first in their family to ever have the opportunity to go to university. Ms Kristina Marko , also conducted another presentation for teachers. She focussed on how they can upgrade their qualifications so they can apply for the VIT and be fully registered teachers.
Nude Food at Croydon VSL
09 August, 2018
On Saturday 4th August, employees from the Maroondah Council came to Croydon VSL to talk to children about “Nude Food “ packaging as part of their units of work on Food and The Environment. The children looked at various ways of preparing their school lunch in order to reduce the amount of packaging and therefore reducing waste that ends up in landfill. Children participated eagerly. They looked at the different types of waste packaging such as plastic bags, drink containers, straws and cling wrap. Children brainstormed better ways they can bring their lunch to school such as a reusable drink bottle, lunch boxes and other reusable containers for fruit.
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German Poetry Competition- Westall Centre
31 July, 2018
Congratulations to all students of German who participated in the AGTV South East Community/VSL Regional Poetry Competition! On Saturday 21st July our years 5-9 students of German participated in this year’s German Poetry Competition organized by the Association of German Teachers of Victoria. The regional final was held in collaboration between VSL Westall and the German Language School Temple Society Australia, at the VSL Westall Centre, on Saturday 28 July.
The regional winner in each year level will compete in the Victorian State Final in August. Our VSL teachers Antje Petry and Marcia Phillips were nominated as judges for the competition and the winners were as follows:
Year 6: 2nd: Brendan Joss 3rd: Blake Wheeler 5th: Dylan Häusler
Year 7 1st: Anshu Panjikar
Year 9 1st: Gabe Wheeler 2nd: Cara Blakemore
VSL students Anshu Panjikar and Gabe Wheeler are through to the Victorian State Final. We wish them the best of luck!
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