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VSL Visit to Meredith Primary School
21 May, 2021

In our Distance Education program students and teachers generally communicate through technology, however, we are able to do face to face visits where sufficient students are clustered together. Such is the situation with our students from Meredith Primary School. Their teacher, Louise Smith, reports:

On Monday 17th May I drove out to visit my Grade 5 & 6 class at Meredith Primary School. Meredith is situated just over 100km from Melbourne between Geelong and Ballarat. It’s a small town, with a well developed farming district, plus the giant windfarm you can see in one of the photos.


It’s a small school with just 3 composite level classrooms – preps & Grade 1s, Grade 2s, 3,s & 4s and then Grade 5 & 6s. The kids were so excited to see me, especially the Grade 5s who have only ever seen me on the screen. The Grade 6s at least saw me once last year before lockdown. Some of them commented that I am real and I have legs!


I took along some hands on activities for them to try out, something different to our lessons on screen. They played memory games and matching games using previously learned vocabulary. They also did a running dictation game and some students created role-plays. It was a quick hour and a half in their classroom, but it was fun all around. They want me to visit again later in the year. J


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