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VSL RTO offers programs in VET Languages through Distance Education, some VSL teaching centres after schools hours and through adult programs after work in selected locations. The VSL offers Certificate II and III in most languages. Students over 15 years of age, studying Year 9 or above may be able to use this program as credit for VCE or a VCAL program.
  • Certificate II in applied language can be considered for two units of credit towards the VCE Units 1&2.
  • Certificate III in applied language can be considered for three units of credit towards the VCE Units 3&4.
VET and Community Languages
VETiS comprises nationally recognised certificates undertaken by Victorian students which can contribute towards the completion of a senior secondary certificate through either the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). The VSL uses VETis extensively to support an alternative to VCE for merging and small languages that do not have registration for Year 12, VCE or equivalent in other Australian states. If you wish to run a new language program please contact the VSL VET unit at For inquiries about any of these courses email
VSL currently offers these VET Language programs
Applied Languages
VET - What is it?
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Vocational Education and Training (VET) is ‘education and training for work’. VET develops and recognises students’ competencies and skills.,

VET is traditionally post-secondary, non-university education and training, focusing on apprenticeships. Recent reforms now see:
  • Vocational education and training programs offered in secondary schools
  • Stronger links with university study options
  • Six levels of qualifications offered in most industries, including high growth, new economy industries.
Providers of learning and assessment include schools, distance education and post-secondary service providers. Providers must be registered and are regularly audited for service quality. Providers can operate anywhere in Australia, and to issue nationally-recognised qualifications.
VET in Schools
VET in Schools (VETiS) provides additional pathways for students to undertake a nationally recognized VET qualification at secondary school completing either VCE or VCAL.

VETiS language programs help students acquire practical and communicative language skills. For example, students may complete a Certificate II in Year 9 and 10 and proceed to Certificate III or possible take VCE Units.
Credit towards VCE
Students benefit from completing VET language in schools through block credits.

Some VET language programs have equivalency with VCE Units in the form of credit towards their VCE known as "Block Credit". Students who receive a Units 3 and 4 sequence Block Credit may also be awarded a VTAC increment of (10% of the average of the Primary Four scaled studies) towards their ATAR. The following VCAA link provides more information on Block Credit arrangements.

Block Credit Arrangements
Training Packages
Training packages are sets of nationally endorsed standards and qualifications for recognising and assessing people’s skills.

A Training Package describes the skills and knowledge needed to perform effectively in the workplace. They do not prescribe how an individual should be trained. Instructors develop learning strategies – the "how" – depending on student needs, abilities and circumstances.

Training Packages are developed by industry through national Industry Skills Councils, Recognised Bodies or by enterprises to meet the identified training needs of specific industries or industry sectors. To gain national endorsement, developers must provide evidence of extensive consultation and support within the industry area or benchmark programs.

Training Packages complete a quality assurance process and are then endorsed by the National Training Quality Council (NTQC) and placed on the TGA website.

The Victorian School of Languages RTO has the following nationally accredited training packages on its scope and can auspice schools in the delivery of Certificate in Applied Language (VIC) II and III.

Applied Languages
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