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Bosnian Traditional Room
21 August, 2018
The exhibition “Bosnian Traditional Room’’ took place on Saturday, 11th August 2018, at the Carwatha VSL Centre in Noble Park. This wonderful exhibition was organised by Bekto Heco, a collector of Bosnian traditional items. Accompanying the exhibition were the melancholy sounds of the traditional Bosnian music, Sevdalinka, performed by Jasmin Dolic. The Bosnian language students from year 1 to 12, and French, Sinhala and Arabic languages VCE students, had the opportunity to visit the exhibition and learn about Bosnian culture in the ambiance of a traditional Bosnian room. English translation was provided for non-Bosnian language students by Amela Ademi, the Bosnian teacher.
The exhibition presented the idea of the ‘Bosnian and Herzegovinian traditional room’ featuring: handmade metal items, which are still used at some homes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how those items were used; traditional rugs, with bold geometric patterns and vivid colours, which were used to dress up the room where people sat and enjoyed food and drink; and the traditional costume, made out of wool, flax, hemp and leather, still worn by men in some parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bekto himself wore a costume and talked about each part of the costume, as well as all the items presented at the exhibition, explaining their purpose. It was amazing to see the students going around looking and touching the items and asking questions (using a range of Bosnian vocabulary and demonstrating their proficiency in it) –all enthusiastically answered by Bekto.
For the students from other language faculties it was a great cross-cultural lesson in which the students had not only the opportunity to learn more about the Bosnian culture and tradition but also to compare and contrast their own cultures and learn from it. The exhibition was a successful one and ended with the traditional Bosnian music, played by Jasmin Dolic, with students dancing.
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