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New Enrolments - Open
25 October, 2021
The enrolment process for new students in VSL Face to Face classes and for all VSL Distance Education programs is now open. You can begin the process by clicking on Request Enrolment on this page.
All VSL Centre Classes continue to be taught remotely
04 October, 2021
On 2 October the Department of Education and Training announced changes to school operations in Victoria for both regional and metropolitan schools. In particular, it announced a staggered return for Year 12 and Prep to Year 2 in the first week of Term 4, and Year 3 to Year 11 as from 26 October.
  • The changes do not apply to the Centre classes of the Victorian School of Languages.
  • All VSL Centre classes will continue with remote teaching until further notice.
  • All teachers and students will continue to work from home.
  • All Distance Education classes for all levels will continue as usual with teachers and students working from home.
A possible return to onsite teaching could be in the week commencing 5 November.

The Government has put in place a vaccination blitz for final year school students, their teachers, and VCE exam supervisors and assessors with the goal of having 80% of Victorians vaccinated by 5 November 2021.

In relation to VCE students, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has determined the examination timelines for the rest of the year. The information has been passed on to our VCE staff to inform the students and the parents. The current timelines are as follows:
  • VCE Oral Exams start on 4 October.
  • VCE CCAFL (plus Arabic and Korean FL & SL) exams start on 19 October.
  • VCE Written exams will run from 27 October to 17 November.
The Consideration of Educational Disadvantage will once again be in place this year for Year 12 VCE students, both for Units 3 and 4. This information will be shared with students via the VSL Area Managers and VCE teachers.

Frank Merlino
Hindi Divas at Sunshine - a Reflection
04 October, 2021

I remember reading early on in my life a quote, "One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." Thanks to the VSL for providing us with a structured platform to learn other languages and offering us opportunities to connect with others. 

Recently, I had the chance to celebrate 'Hindi Divas' with other Indian-origin community members. The experience was one that made me feel like I belonged, with many amazing recitations of poems and essays from students in year 4 to students in VCE.

The highlight of the experience for me was getting to listen to the remarkable pieces of work that my fellow students had crafted. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to recite my poem by the title of 'Aazadi Ka Mahautsav' celebrating and commemorating 75 years of India's independence.  Participating in this event made me refine not only my Hindi language skills but also gave me an opportunity to know more about India's history. My poem won me second place in my category and I am very pleased and thankful for this. 

I would like to thank my Hindi teacher at VSL, Mrs. Sangeeta Varma, who has always encouraged and helped me progress in my Hindi learning, and my grandma, Mrs. Satyavati Choudhary, who instilled a love for Hindi in me from my childhood days. 

Angel Malhotra - Year 8 student, Sunshine campus WhatsApp Video 2021-09-14 at 4.17.42 PM (4).mp4


Letter to my students
04 October, 2021

As VCE classes end, without the possibility of a face to face farewell, our teachers have been congratulating their students and wishing them the best for the future. Here is a heartfelt example.

Letter to my students

Dear VCE Korean learners

The last two year have been the tough for everyone in the world because of the virus, but in particular it has been difficult for students studying for VCE.  I would like to congratulate all 2021 students who did not give up in these difficult times of lockdown, school closure and social distancing.

Students, remember your life is so special! You have one chance to live it. With this spirit of not giving up, try learning a new thing, a different thing or going somewhere new. Every week, every day is a new chance, opportunity and possibility. Life is full of new experiences, unexpected plans and unknown things. Like the famous quote, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Also, family and friends are very important in our life since happiness arises from positive relationships with people (like one of our lessons).  I wish this year’s graduates all the best luck in the future. I hope the experience of the VCE programme will be useful and valuable to you in the big and wild world.

Korean Second Language teacher

Mr Sang Hyo Koo

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Japanese Mini Online Cultural Day
03 October, 2021

“Big things come in small packages” – that is when our Japanese students, teachers and I had fun and a wonderful experience at the Japanese mini online cultural day held in late September. Even though it was a ‘mini’ cultural day the activities were wide ranging and thorough and included Japanese songs, storytelling, dancing, and drawing. 

Thank you to the Year 12 students who were the MC’s for the online cultural day. They have shown their confidence in Japanese language speaking and demonstrated a good model for the younger students to follow. Well Done! All the best for their final examinations at the end of the year!

Kerry Law

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